Visual Simulator

          Various renderings of the moon were needed to simulate the lander's approach to the moon. This involved initialization and integration of Iray rendering software with data about the surface geometry of the moon. The orientation of the camera was commanded to point toward the surface provided GPS localization.

Automation of Regression Testing Pipeline

          Hazard detection software on the rover involved determining navigable terrain for motion planning. Regression testing of this software was lengthy and involved an individual typing commands at inconvenient time intervals. I wrote a script to track the processes (run in ROS) and terminated/initialized nodes once their computation was complete, automating the processes.

‚ÄčAstrobotic Lunar Lander

          Astrobotic is a company spun off of CMU's Robotics Institute to compete for the Google Lunar XPrize. The company features a the lander griffin which will transport rovers to the moon.

          In the summer of 2013 I worked with Astrobotic to develop a few components of their software infrastructure.