Suspension Configuration Optimization:

          Profiler was fitted with various combinations of hard and soft suspensions. We then tested the robot for its performance during drawbar pull on various terrain and slopes. I extracted motor data from the testing logs and ran an analysis to determine the output efficiency of each motor during its period of exertion. This method allowed for a distinction on the optimal suspension configuration for various environments.

Anglo American Autonomous Mining

          Anglo American is the world leader in the platinum mining. Their partnership with Carnegie Mellon has funded the research and development of profiler, a mobile robotic platform for navigating and mapping underground mines. Its low to the ground and carries some high power motors.

          During the summer of 2013 I worked on improving some of the mechanical infrastructure and designing a smaller platform for software testing:

Perception Testing Module:

          The platinum mines Profiler will map are in South Africa, so a mock mine was built for its development in Pittsburgh. It was decided that a perception testing module would be useful to test mapping and obstacle avoidance software. I designed this model, which was built on a HUSKY base. Design work included sensor fixation and attachment, e-box layout, and power supply selection. Unfortunately I can't display a picture due to confidentiality rules.