(Check out Le-Bot James making some moves.)
Objective: Design and implement a lab for future use in the class. My idea was to extend kinematic and controls concepts into a basketball playing robot. The three students above liked the idea and assisted me in implementing the lab.

Robot's Goal: The robot must try to score from wherever he starts on the court, with ball in 'hand'. He is blind to his initial position and orientation with respect to the hoop and must use a light sensor and sonar to understand its environment. Shots from farther away gain more points, as it is riskier. A slam dunk is 1 point.

Moving Around the Court: The gradient (pictured at left) was printed on a 2ft by 5ft piece of paper and used as the court. A light sensor on the robot could use such information to drive in gradient descent (toward the hoop.) Fine tuning the control constants can produce a very smooth approach, allowing for farther shots. The sonar could be used to validate approximations of distance from the hoop.

(Basketball Court: discretized gradient)

Lab Design for (16-311): Basketball Lab

Team: Rauhit Akir, Jae Kim, Mitch Kosowski